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Fresher party”By students for students”

Fresher party is a party offered to the freshers . Its an introductory function for the new comers where they get to know about the adopted culture of the institution of which they are a part nowafter.Basically the juniors are introduced to their co-workers or seniors but in a friendly manner and to establish a friendly cum respectful relationship between the seniors and juniors.

The third year students of  different streams organise freshers party every year to welcome the new entrants to the department. Pulsating ambience, flashing lights, foot-tapping music and free flow of enthusiasm are the main ingredients of the Fresher`s party. It is always followed by buffet lunch or dinner . The freshers party always scripts  a beginning of celebrations and sheer hard work and perseverence students would be encompassing for the next three years in the College. It helps the students to understand each other better and develop  harmonious  relationships with the senior students.

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